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Ryan FullerBackground:
Ryan started his planning career at Surrey Heath Borough Council where he gained valuable experience in the day-to-day functions of a Local Authority. He then joined the private sector where he began advising a wide range of clients by utilising his knowledge of the internal workings of the planning system. He became a freelance Planning Consultant in 2007. James then joined him in 2010 to form FullerLong Planning Consultants.

Ryan’s experience of working in the private sector caused him to become disillusioned by the traditional consultancy model and more importantly the service being provided. He knew that Planning Consultancy could be different. He wanted to create a more relaxed and friendly company, where the employees felt empowered to work to the best of their potential. As the Consultants working within FullerLong are each independent experts with extensive experience, they are able to provide a service that no other consultancy can deliver. The Consultants can ultimately be in charge of their working lifestyle and therefore feel motivated to work harder and more efficiently.

“I am an outgoing and gregarious individual with excellent communication skills. I enjoy using my knowledge of the inner workings of a typical Planning Department to reassure, advise and create tactical solutions for my clients. I gain great satisfaction from my job by knowing that we are keeping the Local Authorities on their toes”.

“Ryan is a professional, trusted expert for me that has delivered strong results and on budget. His network, advice and follow through are attributes I’d recommend to anyone needing support with their project.”
Mr. Dean Keeling, 27 March 2012

“Ryan is an excellent planning consultant with a deep knowledge of his field backed by years of actual hands on experience. I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring guidance on planning issues,”
Mr. Damian Dunne, KIA Dealership, West End Garage, 5 May 2011

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