Planning Consultant

Richard Turnbull

Richard has over 20 years’ experience in Development Management with local planning authorities. He graduated in 1988 with a BSc (Hons) in Town and Regional Planning from the University of Dundee, beginning his career as Senior Planning Officer at Aylesbury Vale District Council before spending 14 years working as Planning Officer, then Development Control Officer at Chiltern District Council. He also has a year’s experience of working in the planning system of Victoria, Australia.

Richard’s areas of expertise include planning appeals, Green Belt, Houses in Multiple Occupation, policy interpretation, heritage projects, employment sites, Permitted Development, and planning law. He particularly enjoys dealing with schemes in Green Belt and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has extended his planning knowledge into related issues such as  heritage, employment and community facilities; he also has an excellent record with planning appeals, particularly written representations and hearings.

Richard’s wide understanding of the development process helps him find positive outcomes and solutions throughout the pre-application and application processes. He also negotiates and engages effectively with community groups.

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